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June 21, 2007

MU General Meeting in Liverpool

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Many of our members went to the MU General Meeting in Liverpool Cathedral. We met up with several old friends from other Diocese around the world. The theme of the meeting was thinking ‘Outside the Box’. We heard many MU speakers and had a keynote address from Jonathan Aitken. For more details log on to the members section of the main MU web site.
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June 18, 2007

Shark Dive

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Father Michael Burgess, the MU chaplain for Chester Diocese, was lowered into the Blue Planet shark tank on Monday 11th June 2007. Father Michael hopes to raise awareness of the work of the MU.

After emerging from the tank he said: ‘I had a whale of a time. It was a magical experience, walking along the bottom of a tank amid fish of all shapes and colours and sand tiger sharks swimming nearby.’

This was a sponsored event and members are asked to send in their sponsorship money to the office as soon as possible.

Click Here to view some pictures.